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Keith Wiegold

I agree, this is a really great infographic....the problem is, it's only half finished...maybe only 40%.

Here's the math:

1. "The Content Grid v2" does a nice job of explaining the business objectives in terms of the prospect goals (something I too utilize in Nutlug's engagement framework C.A.R.E.(tm)- Customer Acquisition and Retention through Engagement). It's just that this v2 stops dead at consumer purchase/business 'close.' This takes a marketer/sales-centric view of the relationship -- most customers hope the relationship continues on after transaction, to re-purchase, bonding, and hopefully advocacy. Content plays extremely vital roles in these stages of the customer 'journey.'

2. Content excels in many more channels than the social media marketing ones listed above. While engaging content is a necessity in social media marketing, social media marketing is not the only place where content can live and breathe -- off-line, in-store, events, everywhere.

I love the simplicity and clarity of the graph -- here's hoping the talented producers at Eloqua/Jess3 can extend the idea to include all stages and all channels!

Keith Wiegold

Gary Peeples

Great points Keith!

Thanks for checking out the blog; and for taking the time to engage as well. Very much appreciated!


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Portland Marketing Company

Great buying cycle infographic - do a revision with Keith's concepts and make it bigger and you have a MAJOR winner... I think the buying cycle is not talked about nearly enough, especially in web design planning phases...

PS I hope you don't mind my signature LOL
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This is a simple representation of the buying cycle.

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